The Norwegian National Transport Plan

Four national agencies are responsible for air, sea, rail and road transport in Norway:

  • Norwegian air traffic authority/Avinor AS
  • Norwegian Coastal Administration/Kystverket
  • Norwegian Railway Directorate/ Jernbanedirektoratet
  • Norwegian Public Roads Administration/Statens vegvesen

In 1998 these four agencies were directed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs to prepare a joint proposal for the first long-term national transport plan (for the period 2002-2011).

The national transport plan (NTP) outlines how the Government intends to prioritise resources within the transport sector. It is a twelve-year-plan (extended from previously ten years) that is revised every fourth year. This plan, which also addresses other important policy issues, provides a comprehensive basis on which to make decisions. It seeks to ensure the efficient use of resources and to strengthen interaction between the various modes of transport.

The proposal from the four agencies is always followed by a white paper from the Government, which is presented to the Parliament. This white paper is the basis for the annual state budgets in the Norwegian transport sector.

In February 2016 the transport agencies presented their joint input to the fifth NTP (2018-2029). The Government presented the white paper on transport in April 2017. Read the English summary here.

NTP Publications in English

File Pages Type Filesize
NTP 2018-2029: Presentation of National Transport Plan 36 page(s) Presentation 6.1 MB
NTP 2018-2029: English summary 14 page(s) Report 883 KB
NTP 2018-2029: Freight Analysis 10 page(s) Report 188 KB
National Transport Plan 2014-2023 (St.meld) - english summary 37 page(s) Report 9.5 MB
NTP 2014-2023: Presentation of National Transport Plan 139 page(s) Presentation 11.3 MB
NTP 2014-2023: English summary 28 page(s) Report 4.2 MB